Offsite Storage

Most businesses retain copies of paper documents for at least seven years, some as long as the business has been operating. When it comes to accommodating several years of documents on-site, the task is cumbersome and hard to manage.

Besides having to sort through paperwork manually, onsite record storage takes up valuable office space.

  • The records are stored on metal storage racks
  • Documents are stored in our specially designed cardboard boxes
  • 24/7 Security Camera's
  • Monthly Fumigation
  • All staff have signed a confidentiality agreement
  • 24/7 Fire Alarm that is connected to our security company

Digital Scanning & Imaging

  • Convert paper and documents into digital files
  • Access all your files anywhere after converting your paper documents to a digital format.
  • Whether you need a large-format document scanning or recurring conversion services, our document imaging services transform your paper documents into high-quality digital files that you can access at any time
    Digitised information is easier to share, formatted in standard file types for immediate transfer to both clients and employees.
  • Once documents have been digitised, they will be returned to you in a digital format.

Document Indexing & Data Capturing

  • Document indexing helps you organise and store documents for search purposes or later retrieval, by associating certain information with a specific file or scanned document.
  • Indexing is done from scanned digital images. Each image is retrieved and the critical fields are keyed for the image, or for the digital file.
  • Data capture is the process of collecting information from a document and converting it into data that computers can understand. It is one of the most essential phases of digitization, and if done correctly, it will allow employees to store, organize, search, and retrieve documents in record time.

Document Requests & Retrievals

  • Documents can be delivered either by scanning and emailing or delivered to your office.
  • Document requests can be emailed, or given via telephone.
  • 24-hour delivery: Once the request has been received your documents or box will be delivered to you within 24 hours
  • Same-day delivery: All urgent file requests will be delivered on the same day, depending on your location.
  • Scanned and Email: Documents will be scanned and emailed to you the same day.
  • All our vehicles are equipped with live satellite tracking devices.
  • All our vehicles have company branding on
  • All our drivers will be dressed in company uniforms

Secure Destruction

  • Secure document shredding protects against data theft and ensures your company's legal compliance with regulations. From paper shredding, to document shredding, and confidential document destruction, PDS provides easy, cost-effective solutions to help you ensure compliance with your document destruction policy.
  • The shredding is carried out at the premises of PDS, confidential company information will never be transported to a third party, thus avoiding any data breaches.
  • All the shredding documents will be taken to be recycled & re-used.
  • Before any destruction will take place, a fully detailed list with all the necessary information of the document that needs to be destructed will be sent to the client for approval, and sign-off.
  • Any kind of paper, white or coloured can be destroyed
  • A destruction certificate will be issued once all the documents are shredded.


On-Site Services

  • Packing & Sorting of documents
  • PDS will come to your office to pack & sort your documents.
  • Documents will be indexed and then boxed
  • Boxes can either be stored at the client's site, or taken to PDS offsite facility.

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