Archive Boxes

Opti Box Options

Optiplan storage box are ideal for storing personal or office documents.

Opti 1: 310 x 240 x 100mm - estimated 500 pages
Opti 2: 320 x 240 x 75mm - estimated 750 pages

5 Opti 1 boxes, estimated 2500 pages each.
4 Opti 2 boxes, estimated 3000 pages each.

PDS Products-07

Archive Storage Box

420 x 325 x 300mm an estimated 3500 pages

5 Opti 1 boxes, estimated 2500 pages each.
4 Opti 2 boxes, estimated 3000 pages each.

PDS Products-08

Government Filing Boxes

This government archive storage box is ideal for storing government files or office documents, commonly utilised by government institutions, lawyers, and the insurance sector.

Government 1:  368 x 267 x 95mm

Government 2: 370 x 270 x 170mm

PDS Products-10
PDS Products-11

Document Racking

  • Mini Racking
  • Bolted Shelving
  • Boltless Shelving
  • Mobile Shelving
PDS Products-01
PDS Products-02
PDS Products-03

Steel Cabinets

Filing drawer Cabinets

  • 2-drawer filing cabinet
  • 3-drawer filing cabinet
  • 4-drawer filing cabinet

Stationery Cabinets

  • Full-size stationary cabinet
  • Half-size stationary cabinet

Fire Resistant Filing Cabinet

  • Effortless movement drawers.
  • Keyless combination lock fitted to top drawer.
  • Individual locks per drawer.
  • Designed for fire resistance up to 90mins.


PDS Products-05
PDS Products-04
fr filing cabinet

Backing Boards

  • Backing boards are perfect for attaching and separating documents within the box.
  • It accommodates A4 & A5 documents
  • Fits A4, Optiplan, and government boxes
  • Includes Dispo Clip for securing documents

Bubble Padded Envelopes

Bubble envelopes are a top choice for transporting, shipping, and mailing fragile products and large documents. They feature air bubbles inside, providing cushioning to enhance product safety by absorbing shocks during storage and shipping.

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